MSCL Complaint Management System - CMS


MSCL Complaint Management System (CMS), is a set of integrated tools, optimized to meet efficient handling of complaints, and automate processes like registering new complaints, managing existing complaints, automatic escalation of unresolved complaints, managing complaint statuses, performing number of consumer / customer inquiries, handling of complaints by respective persons/departments and producing informative MIS. It allows all team members to work in a collaborative manner.

MSCL CMS is an integrated system, well documented and based on Client / Server / Cellular and Relational Database technology. Its Disaster Recovery module ensures System Availability 24x7.

MSCL CMS is protected from unauthorized system access by its User Management Module. Its Logging facility ensures complete management control over its usage. This ensures that the system is used to meet its purpose. Based on the framework, CMS supports all authorized users to work in a collaborative manner throughout complaint management cycle from initiating of complaint to closing of it.

Key Modules / Functions

1. Public Interface
2. Complaint Handling
3. Management Information System
4. User Management
5. User Auditing
6. Disaster Recovery (D/R)

Top Reasons

Ensures Data Security
Ensures Information Accuracy
Disaster Recovery ensures System Availability 24x7.
Ensures Users/Complainer Satisfaction
Accurate Performance Monitoring
Managed by Management
Timely Reporting to Stake Holders
Ensures Continuous Availability
Turnaround time (TAT) calculation
Automatic complaint escalation