MSCLEasy Payroll Accounting Management System


Payroll, income tax, provident fund, gratuity, bonus, is your payroll becoming a heavier burden?

More than ever before accounting and management of payroll operates under condition of rapid changes soaring costs and greater governmental regulations. Cumbersome data concerning employees’ wages, benefits, compensation and taxes require fast and efficient data processing and compilation in desired and meaningful formats.

An automated payroll system may be the answer to your requirements. MSCLEasy, an ERP Package has a Payroll Accounting and Management (PAMS) module through which you can automate your payroll independently. All modules of MSCLEasy PAMS is window-based application and offers choice of Database to clients. It can support all database systems which support 0pen database connectivity (ODBC).

It has a wide range of payroll and related applications like Provident Fund, Income Tax, Leave Records, Social Security and Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (E.O.B.I) calculations etc.

PAMS is flexible in both input and output. It requires minimal efforts and tailoring to suit individual organization’s payroll management requirements.


Benefits / Key Features of MSCLEasy PAMS

  • Personnel Management
  • Manage Employee
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Provident Fund Accounting
  • Complete Income Tax Support
  • Accurate Leave Recording and Management
  • Judicious Bonus Calculation
  • Retirements / Employee Release
  • Increments / Promotions / Career Planning Support
  • Social Security
  • E. O. B. I. Reporting
  • Effective Management Information System
  • Completely Parameter Driven

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