MSCLClinic is a Clinic Management software which helps in efficient clinic (and Medical Center) management by managing appointments, Scheduling Patients’ visits, efficient Queue Management, medical billing, payments handling, patient's treatment history, diagnostics information and the administrative activities of a clinic or Medical Center or a small hospital. Apart from the standard features of other clinic management software, MSCLClinic was developed considering the end users in mind. Its ease of use, speed in retrieving information, multi-user functionality and manageability are exemplary compared to other similar applications.

MSCLClinic offers modules for the management of Appointments, Specializations, Diagnostics, Treatment, Prescriptions, Lab Analysis Reports, Patient-Information including history, Administrative activities and Billing. MSCLCIinic is web-enabled and its functionalities can be accessed through Internet in a secured manner. Additionally, a tightly integrated Pharmacy Management module offering basic needs of a Clinic or hospitals is also included.


Key Modules / Functions

MSCLClinic has modules for various users in a Clinic. These modules are integrated thus information once entered is available wherever required without the need for re-entering it. It also maintains Patient history on Relational Database and users are allowed to retrieve patient related information in form of Reports, Online query and graphic form.

1. Definition module
2. Patient Registration
3. Appointment
4. Billing & Payment
5. Operational Reports
6. Lab analysis/Medical tests
7. Patient’s history Capturing
8. MIS reports/online Queries
9. Treatment/Consultancy
10. Pharmacy Management
11. System Administration

MSCLClinic Benefits for Medical Centre/ Clinic/ Doctors

  • Stores complete patient data as well as history
  • All information available on a mouse-click
  • Information availability across departments & Clinics
  • Fully integrated pharmacy module
  • Safe Storage of data
  • Queue Management
  • Billing of patients
  • Maintenance of Tariffs
  • Multi-Clinic, Multi-Doctor & Room handling
  • Portable database for Consulting Doctors
  • Easy retrieval of History information
  • Ability to store voluminous data

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