MSCL Online Tanker System - OTS


The scarcity of water through main pipelines has increased the dependency of the consumer on Water Tanker Services. Thus, there is the need of the automated tanker management system. MSCL Online Tanker System (OTS) addresses the need. The purpose of the OTS is to ensure fair distribution of water to the consumers based on the area wise quota decided by the authorities.

OTS is an extended module of MSCL Complaint Management System (CMS). Core OTS is web-based cloud application and offers extended facilities to residents for registering request for water- tanker services. OTS connects the consumer and hydrant staff.

Residents can register requests and launch complaints through Call Centre Agents. Due to dependency on the land lines consumer may face frustration because of wait time. To avoid the frustration OTS as a mobile application is also available 24x7 for android and apple users.


Key Features of OTS

  • Availability of OTS is 24x7
  • Provide register request details
  • Calculate destination distance via Google Map
  • Provide upfront tanker cost
  • Maintain History
  • SMS text message to your phone
  • User friendly interface
  • Provide tanker dispatch status
  • Provide cancel request details
  • Provide GPS and commercial consumption details
  • Automated escalation process
  • Provide consumer exceed limit warning

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