Remote Banking Transaction Server - RBTS


MSCL Remote Banking Transaction Server (RBTS) is a set of integrated software modules that provides complete middleware solution to meet modern remote banking needs.

RBTS provides interface to Host Banking systems to communicate with the Applications controlling remote banking devices. RBTS communicates in ISO8583 format and also support non-ISO compliant format. ISO8583 is a standard specification for transmitting remote banking transaction messages. RBTS provides communication across ATMs, Point of Sale (POS), Cheque Deposit Kiosks, Cash Deposit Machines (CDM), Call Center / IVR, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Branchless Banking, Swift/Remittance and network-to-network real time transactions device controllers using common TCP/IP protocol. RBTS also supports Web API interfacing over HTTP protocol for transaction messaging.


Benefits / Key Features of RBTS

  • Support all ADC Channels, Services and Transactions
  • Support for VISA Master & CUP transactions through controllers
  • Support multiple currencies transactions
  • Support for Branch-less Banking
  • Ensure ease of maintainability
  • Ensure 24X7 availability
  • Ensures continuity during migration
  • Single RBTS Supports multiple central Banking Systems
  • Audit Trail and Reconciliation module for ADC controllers & services
  • Business and operational rule management through parameters

Top Reasons for Adopting RBTS

Simple & easy to implement
Successfully implemented in Banks
domestically and internationally
A single interface for all remote banking devices like ATM, KIOSK, call centers (ADC), IVR, POS & Utility billing sys.
Strong local support available
Low cost
Parameter driven
Support online inter Branch Transaction
Provides reconciliation & audit trails for remote transaction
Strong MIS reporting facility
Developer’s commitment

List of Key Banking clients

  • Habib Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • United Bank of London (Now UBL - UK)
  • Bank AlJazira (BAJ), Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
  • My Bank (Now merged with Summit Bank)
  • Union Bank Limited (Now taken over by Standard Chartered Bank)
  • Bank Al-Baraka Pakistan (Now merged with Emirates Global)

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