Master Planning for Computer Literacy


Azad Govt of the State of Jammu and Kashmir

Project Description

The project envisages “Master Planning In Computer Literacy and software Development Programme in AJK”. The scope of the work required by the Government of AJK included preparation of a master plan to introduce Information Technology/Computerization and to produce computer literate manpower that can be absorbed within and outside AJ&K. Expertise needed to be developed at various tiers to commensurate with the needs of the government and the market trends. The plan includes an overall conceptual model, the detailed actual work plan complete with action plan, the target date of the completion of the project and the manpower and the cost to be incurred for this project.

The objective is also to come out with the plan, which is workable subset of overall, IT action plan of Government of Pakistan. The plan focuses on three key areas:

  •   Mass IT Literacy and awareness
  •   Infrastructure Development for Software Development
  •   Good Governance through computerization (or e-Governance)

MSCL was awarded this consultancy project after tough scrutiny of more than 20 bidders.

MSCL has prepared The Master Plan Document to fully define this project of national importance. This report is the result of detailed analysis work done by MSCL experts based on the scope of work.

MSCL work was highly appreciated by the customer.

Sardar Abdul Rashid
Additional Chief Secretary,
Government of AJK,