RBTS /400 Implementation and Platform migration & Project Management Services to HBL for MYSIS Implementation


 Habib Bank Limited

Implementation of ATM interface with MISYS (NOW FINASTRA) Equation/DBA (Host Banking System) through MSCL’s RBTS/400

Project Description

The Habib Bank is Pakistan’s second largest bank with 1500 branches. For upgrading their banking system with focus on Remote Banking Services, decided to implement Misys Equation / DBA as Host Banking System. Habib Bank also wanted to further extend services to their customer through ATM and other Remote Banking Devices like Call Center / IVR, POS, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Cheque Deposit Kiosks, Cash Deposit Machines and Branchless Banking.

MSCL RBTS V1 (version 1.0), an interface that provides communication between the Window/NT Server based call center application and the MKI-Equation application on AS/400. This interface provides communication between the two systems using a common TCP/IP protocol.

The call center equipment and AS/400 were connected over a common LAN on TCP/IP. Each Call Center controller, executing the IVR application, was installed with a Windows based API's. The IVR application calls this API's and passes on requests for query or transactions to MKI-Equation core banking application. The request reaches to the MKI-Equation via MSCL’s developed interface and its response is routed to the IVR over the same network.

Mr. Jamil Iqbal,
SEVP and Member MMC

Implementation of ATM interface with MISYS (NOW FINASTRA) Equation/DBA (Host Banking System) through MSCL’s RBTS V2

Project Description

Further, MSCL upgrade the system to RBTS V2 (version 2.0) that provides major enhancements over version 1 in terms of functionalities, maintainability, usability and availability. V2 also enhances RBTS audit trail and reconciliation functions. An enhanced MIS module improves management control for Remote Banking Business.

RBTS V2 is a set of integrated software modules that provides interface to host banking systems to communicate with the applications generating remote banking transactions. RBTS can communicate in ISO8583 format or non-ISO format. ISO8583 is a standard specification for creating and reading transaction messages for remote banking. RBTS provides communication across ATMs, Point of Sale (POS), Cheque Deposit Kiosks, Cash Deposit machines, Call Center, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Branch-less Banking and network-to-network real time transactions using common TCP/IP Protocol.

On this project MSCL provided system analysis, customization services, system implementation support and user's training.

Tulu Islam,
CIO/GE IT Systems Group