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is a Clinic Management software which helps in efficient clinic management by managing  appointments, Scheduling Patients’ visits, efficient Queue Management, medical billing, payments handling, patients treatment history, diagnostics information and the administrative activities of a clinics or a small hospital. Apart from the standard features of other clinic management software, MSCLClinic was developed considering the end users in mind. Its ease of use, speed in retrieving information, multi-user functionality and manageability are exemplary compared to other similar applications.

What does


offers modules for the management of Appointments, Specializations, Diagnostics, Treatment, Prescriptions, Lab Analysis Reports, Patient-Information including history, Administrative activities and Billing.  MSCLClinic is web-enabled and its functionalities can be accessed through Internet in a secured manner.

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For a demo version, pricing, customization, product presentation or any other details, please mail to info@msclpk.com    

Or contact:

Millennium Systems & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Building 72F-1, 9th Jami Commercial Street

Phone: (021) 531 0903-6

Fax:    (021) 5310965

Web site: www.msclpk.com


How does


have modules for various users in a Clinic. These modules are integrated thus information once entered is available wherever required without the need for re-entering it.

Definition Module:

The master entries can be made in the Definition module. The definition module is used for defining the following

* Organization Details
* Clinic Structure: The number of Consulting Rooms, Consulting Hours etc.
* General Parameters such as:
* Lab Analysis Parameters
* System Users and Access Authority

* Doctors’ Profile

* Appointment acceptance strategy

* Other business rules


The module is used to register both Doctors and Patients. The Doctors registration sub-module takes care of registration of new doctors and collects relevant data like doctor’s
  • Personal details

  • Qualification, specialization and experience

  • Days of availability and shift timings

  • Facility to search information related to any doctor

  • Facility to edit all information at any point of time to authorized personnel

A comprehensive patient data is collected using this module.

  • Patient contact information (addresses, email id, cell, telephone etc.)

  • Company Information (If employee of registered company)

  • Emergency Contact information

  • Blood Group, Height, Weight, CNIC, Dependents etc.

  • A photograph of the patient (Optional)

  • Facility to search information related to any registered patient


This module is capable of managing Doctor as well as Patient appointments and scheduling them. Here all appointments for the day for the clinic for each Doctor are displayed. The user could fix an appointment by just clicking on the relevant cell on the time schedule. The requests for appointments can be accepted through phone, email and in person. One working day before scheduled appointment a SMS alert is sent to the patient’s cell (if available) with request to reconfirm. Patient can reconfirm appoint, as scheduled.  On the day of visit each patient is given a token number. The module also manages separate queue for each Doctor. The system ensures judicious handling of the Queue. Patients turning up on scheduled time are given preference. Waiting patients are informed of any possible delays through displays on LCDs. 

Lab Analysis / Medical Tests:

In this module a patient's various Lab Analysis and Findings are maintained including record of all medical tests’ results of each patient. These results are also made available through Internet to concerned Patient and doctor/s authorized by him / her.   


Treatment / Consultancy:

This module is meant for the Doctors. Here the patient's date-wise treatment history is displayed in very comprehensive manner. The doctor can add, edit or delete records from this. All the information is available at one place. This eliminates the need for looking into multiple forms for patient data. The information can be sorted category-wise, date-wise, treatment-wise and Doctor-wise. The module also has access to prescription and bill generation.

Billing & Payment:

Payment module lists all pending / completed bills for a given date. The user can prepare an invoice for patients and print it. The charges are automatically calculated based on the charges rules defined in the Definition Module. The Billing for companies is generated based on the contractual terms and conditions. Payment receipts can also be printed.

Operational Reports:

The purpose of these reports is to ensure smooth accuracy, financial reporting and providing correct picture of Cash-flow to the Clinic management. The operational reports include:

  • Daily Cash Book

  • Income Statement for a given period (i.e. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually)

  • Appointment Details

  • Doctor wise  Revenue report for given period

  • Date wise  Revenue Report for given period


MIS Reports / Online Queries

  • Charges Head wise Revenue Analysis

  • Medical Test wise Revenue Analysis

  • Gender wise / Age Group wise Patients Analysis

  • ABC Analysis based on revenue

  • Patients Turnover statistics 

  • Full MIS is available in both Report and Online Query forms. Client will have option to use any one or both.


System Administration

 The purpose of this module is to ensure system availability and Disaster / Recovery (D/R). This is achieved through system prompted backups and Restore facilities.  It is MSCL’s intention to further offer on-line D/R facilities in this module as optional feature.

How Suitable


is suitable for a clinic with multiple doctors and consulting rooms. It was developed keeping Polyclinics and Specialist Doctors in mind. Hence the emphasis was mainly on the ease of use and portability. It does not need any third party Software components such as a proprietary database like ORACLE, DB2 or SQL/Server. Its Web-enablement facilitates Doctors to handle patient queries on phone or emails at time and from place of their choice. Patient can also see his/her medical record including Test results, diagnosis, and prescriptions. While doing all these patients’ confidentiality is ensured.

How beneficial

is for a Clinic/Doctor?

  • Stores complete patient data

  • Information available on mouse-click

  • Information availability across departments.

  • Safe Storage of data

  • Queue Management

  • Billing of patients

  • Maintenance of Tariffs

  • Multi Doctor, Multi Room appointment handling

  • Portable database for Consulting Doctors

  • Easy retrieval of History information

  • Low cost, 3 pricing options for customer


What is the minimum System Requirement?


For Single User: PC with 512MB RAM, 5GB HDD and Windows95/98/2000/NT

For Multiple Users: PCs on a LAN with 512MB RAM, 2GB HDD and Windows95/98/2000/NT. The database is deployed at a central location on server.



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