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MISSION STATEMENT: "Facilitate Information Technology Solution with the purpose of improving the performance of every customer served.

INTRODUCTION: MSCL was established to provide state of art IT solutions to its domestic as well as international customers. Dedicated IT professionals excelling in their own fields founded the company. MSCL's strength in IT project management and system integration is well recognized. MSCL employees are experienced project managers who adopt world best project management methodology and tools to ensure the success of our clients in their projects. The massive experience is behind mobilizing the best and right resources promptly to ensure success on assigned projects

ADVANTAGES: We at MSCL believe, without sound domestic computerization references the success in export market is not a realistic business approach. So we are focusing more on domestic market. We provide high quality solution at affordable cost. Our project managers ensure high quality delivery to meet our customers' business needs. MSCL's Strength is project management and system integration services. We have developed comprehensive project management methodology and tools. The process we adopt for managing projects ensure success by identifying the risk / issues in the earlier phases of the project cycle and resolving them. Our quality management process ensures that we are delivering a high quality product/s to our clients. Our project monitoring process helps in completing the project on time and within budget."We provide IT solutions to our clients, which are flexible, maintainable and scalable to meet customers' future needs. To ensure successful implementation we provide post installation services to our clients."

POSITIONING: The recent technology boom has created a new digital age. The explosive growth in computer telecommunications, information, and other technologies has had a major impact on the ways companies bring value to their customers. MSCL utilizes technology to develop strong value for its clients. We design atomized solution for the organizations. What differentiates us from our competitors is our thorough research and vast experience of international working standards and technology advancement.

FROM CEO DESK: I am pleased that during eight years of our existence we have followed our founding principles religiously. Our pioneering efforts have helped Government to bring out a big change in citizen registration system.  Our project management offerings are unique and recognized internationally. Our banking system expertise has helped several banks in reformation of their Banking Systems. Our System Audit capabilities have helped our clients to improve their systems achieving reliability, availability and security. Our consultancy services have helped our clients in implementing projects which helped them in achieving their business strategy.  CEO & MD - MSCL , Sheikh Nisar Ahmed

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