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Project Management Bureau Services Offerings (PMBSO) is the unique offerings from MSCL which relieve the clients  from the complexities of managing the projects and thus enabling them to focus on core business.

Over the time Project Management has been developed into a sophisticated set of tools and techniques. However these tools are costly and techniques are complex.

MSCL has invested heavily in acquiring and building project management assets. These include trained project managers with successful experience of various industries, PMCSTM a complete system for managing projects, and training material which is recognized by PMI USA. Through PMBSO, MSCL offers these assets to its clients who want to grow their business through successful projects.

Under PMBSO we take over total project management  responsibilities, like defining and planning clients’ projects, preparing project plans, helping clients in performing risk assessments, gathering progress information, calculating accurate project status using  Earned Value Analysis techniques, preparing progress reports, and distributing these reports within clients organization through media of clients’ choice. We monitor all three baselines (i.e. schedule, cost and  scope) and clients are alerted incase of deviation from these baselines. Schedule slippages and budget over runs are accurately forecasted in easy to understand manner. These services are provided through state of art PMO established at MSCL Head Office.

This happens without client spending time in acquiring complex project management system, and costly project management manpower. PMBSO is total solution, a peace of mind for the clients.  

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