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Complaint management system (CMS)



Complaint Management System (CMS), is a set of integrated tools, optimized to meet efficient handling of complaints, and automate processes like registering new complaints, managing existing complaints, automatic escalation of unresolved complaints, managing complaint statuses, performing number of consumer inquiries, handling of complaints by respective persons/departments and producing informative MIS. It allows all team members to work in a collaborative manner.  

CMS is an integrated system, well documented, and based on Client / Server and Relational Database technology. Its Disaster Recovery module ensures System Availability.

CMS is protected from unauthorized system access by its User Management Module. Its Logging facility ensures complete management control over its usage. This ensures that the system is used to meet its purpose.

This modular systemis based on well-defined framework consisting of five main modules named Public Interface, Complaint Handling, MIS, User Management and Disaster Recovery.

Complaint Management System

CMS Framework

Based on the framework, CMS supports all authorized users to work in a collaborative manner throughout complaint management cycle i.e. from initiating of complaint to closing of it. CMS framework comprises of the following modules:

Public Interface

The purpose of Public Interface is to provide easy and user friendly methods from lodging of complaints to closing of complaints. The people can lodge complaints through Call Center and using internet facility like email. The peoplecan also be informed of the status of their complaints through SMS Alerts if their mobile number is available.

This module is used to register new complainers, lodge new complaints, make inquiries for current and historical complaints and automatically forwards complaints to the concerned person or department responsible for resolving the complaint.

If the system is not available due to some reason such as remote location, the complaints can be recorded offline and then later uploaded in the system through Batch processing.

Different complainer queries can be performed such asinquiring and viewing current and historical complaints, inquiringcomplainer-wise summary etc.

Comprehensive search functions are present for performing searches for current complaints, complaints history.

Complant Handling

The purpose of Complaint Handling is to provide efficient handling of complaints. The system maintains complaints through proper work flows so that management could directly know the status of each complaint and take proper and timely actions according to the status of complaints. by assigning proper status to the complaint. A complaint can have Pending, Deferred, Re-open, Re-forward, Escalate and Close statuses.

The module can also be used by the person (or department) to whom complaint has been assigned. The person (or department)recordshis responseat each stage of resolution directly in the system for the complaintsreceived by him. The complaints responded by the person (or department) can be viewed by the management. The complaint details and the concerned personís (or departmentís) reply, reply date and the name of person who responded are also given by the system.

Management Information System (MIS)

The purpose of MIS is to provide accurate status about staff and official performance who are assigned to manage public complaints. Purpose is also to ensure public satisfaction. This is achieved through effective MIS reporting and online inquiries.

The system generates many reports e.g. Complaint registered as of Date, Status-wise Complaints, Analysis by Complaints Status and Complaint Type Aging of Open Complaintsetc.


The purpose of this report is to provide detailed information about individual complaints including their statuses on a specific date. The report can be prepared for any given period.o:p>/o:p>


The purpose of this report is to have status-wise complaints information for different complaint statuseson a specific date or for a given period. The report can be generated for a department, action owner or complaint type.The system also prepares summary giving analysis of the complaints by status. The report also gives analysis of Reopened complaints by action owner.


The purpose of this report is to analyze aging of complaints with respect to a particular date for open complaints.

The system also provides easy to use queries such as Complaints Registered as of Date, Status-wise Complaintsand Operator-wise Complaints. Most of these queries provide progressive details to the authorized users.  Some of these queries are mentioned below.


The purpose of this inquiry is to view complaints lodged and their statuses for different complainer types on a particular date or for a given period.


The purpose of this inquiry is view complaints statuses on a particular date or for a given period. All or particular statuses can be selected for the query for example the complaint statuses with respect to departments, towns and action owners.


Thepurpose of this inquiry is to view all complaints received by a particular operator or all operators on a particular date or for a given period. The summary can also be viewed with respect to Complaint Type or Complaints handled by the Operator. Such queries help managing operatorsí performance.


User Management

CMS is protected from unauthorized system access by its User Management Module.span style="mso-spacerun:yes  This module is used to compile parameters for defining access privileges for users onall functions of CMS.The module allso applies polices for System Setup, CMSLog Maintenance, and Password Management.

User Auditing

The User Auditing module makes it possible to log & trace transactions, monitor usersí activities and handle exceptions that might be generated by the system under certain circumstances.

Disaster Recovery (D/R)

The Disaster Recovery module ensures system availability in case of situations like system crash, power failures etc. CMS provides both Real Time and Batch D/R facility.

Top Reasons for Using CMS

         Ensures Users/Complainer Satisfaction

         Ensures Information Accuracy

         Timely Reporting to Stake Holders

         Ensures Data Security

         Accurate Performance Monitoring

         Managed by Management

         Ensures Continuous Availability

         Developersí Commitment

Users of MSCL Complaint Management System

ō  U Micro Finance Bank, Islamabad

ō  Karachi Water & Sewerage Board, Karachi

ō  Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Karachi

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