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We adopt methodologies and project management techniques, which ensure that developed software meets accepted quality standards and projects are completed on time and within budget. We specialize in mobilizing required resources for Software Development projects.

This is because of our vast resource pool consists of MSCL permanent staff, freelance programmers and IT professionals of our partners. We specialize in developing business applications, migrating of legacy applications to newer technologies and developing hardware interfaces with the IT applications.

We have teams of analysts who create quality design in form of Process Model, Data Model and other relevant design tools. With the help of this design MSCL’s Development Personnel perform the development phase using the tools of customer's choice.

Planning & Analysis

Unlike other software development methodologies, MSCL projects start at the request for proposal stage.  During this stage, we invest in understanding the business and technical project; research and “learn” the particular tool-sets to be used for the proposed project; and develop a phased approached for project delivery. For the client, this translates into lower cost and reduced development time.

During this stage several key areas are scoped out and agreed upon with the client:

·       High level plan with milestones, timeline, resource allocations and  deliverables

·       Definition of the functional requirements of the system

·       Technology products and tools to be used to develop the software

·       Assumptions on the technical and business environments.

Design & Prototyping

The first “official” project stage is the design and prototyping of the software product.  This is the most critical phase of the project as it details out the scope, deliverable formats, and design on which to proceed.  The prototyping methodology allows MSCL to give the client actual software code and coded functional specs to test how the software will work. For example, in developing the screen prototype, MSCL designers and software engineers can create the navigation framework on a computer system that will allow the client to actually test out the user interface. At the beginning of this phase, a detailed project plan with detailed tasks list, project completion dates, internal and external milestones and deliverables is completed and discussed with the client.

During this stage several key activities are completed:

·         Detailed definition of the functional requirements

·         Database design and data model (object and data definition)

·         Prototype of user interface (or web design) of the software product

·         Technical architecture of the system

·         Test plan and creation of use cases

·         Documentation of design.

This approach allows MSCL to easily ramp up to a rapid application development scenario, if so desired by the client. Note that the rapid application development approach allows the client to get an application running in quick time knowing that functionality will be added as future releases.  This is an approach that many of the companies are taking in the new Internet economy.

Development & Testing

The software is developed using a modular approach (application is subdivided into several smaller components) that allows concurrent development of several different components at the same time.  The component development teams work together to ensure that the product will be fully integrated at the end of this stage. This coupled with the prototype creation during the previous stage allows for shortened development time of the overall project.  Additionally, integrating the modules as development occurs reduces the chances of error and potential re-work. During this stage, changes to the original design are kept to be minimal as too many changes would affect the project delivery schedule Additional functionality is usually phased in through subsequent releases of the software. Lt’s functionality is usually  

The key tasks that are completed during this stage include:

·    Application coding by defined module

·    Integration of all modules

·    Testing of integrated application according to defined use cases

·    Documentation of software

·    Documentation of testing results.

Implementation & Delivery

The final stage of the MSCL software development methodology consists of quality assurance testing, software documentation, user manual and on-line help module development. 

During this phase, all documentation is put together according to client’s deliverable format and quality is checked to ensure that international standards are achieved. Note that the “actual” documentation is being completed from the start of the project and communicated on a periodic basis to the client.
The key tasks are completed during this phase:

·   Executable code creation for easy installation

·   Complete user documentation

·   Complete software maintenance and operation documentation.


Support & Maintenance

These services are built into MSCL software development offering because we believe that clients must be enabled to take advantage of MSCL’s work. Under support services, MSCL provides onsite support to the clients to ensure smooth migration to new systems. Under maintenance services, MSCL ensures that any reported bug in MSCL software is fixed in time, without disruption of services.   

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