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revenue management system

Revenue Management Complete System (RMCS)

RMCS© is copy righted by Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) of Pakistan with registration ID 33471.
RMCS, a MSCL product, is a set of integrated tools, which enhances Revenue Department (of Utility companies) effectiveness, by automating Revenue processes like Billing, Collection, Complaint Management, MIS, Consumer Management, Performance Management etc. It allows all team members to work in a collaborative manner throughout the Revenue cycle i.e. from billing to collection.
RMCS is completely integrated system, well documented, and based on latest Relational Database technology. It ensures database vendor independence through Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC). Through online connectivity this system can be accessed in a controlled manner at towns, Union Councils (Sub towns), Consumer Service Centres (CSCs) and other departments. Its Disaster Recovery module ensures System Availability. It is protected from unauthorized system access by its User Management Module. Developed specially for Utility Companies it can play the significant role in reforming the Revenue Department of the utility companies.

Revenue Management System

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