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Fast Track Citizen Registration System (FTCRS)

The FTCR System has been built by MSCL for capturing Citizen Data directly from the citizen ensuring highest level of accuracy and eliminating the possibility of data capture errors. The purpose is to provide input to the National Data-Warehouse which can be used for the purpose of issuance of national ID Cards, machine readable passports, checking at immigration points, police stations, preparing voting lists and creating various statistical reports for the purpose of planning at national level.

Besides citizen's personal data, the data to be captured include finger prints, singatures and photographs. Once data is authenticated the system transports this data electronically to Central Data-Warehouse
The FTCR System consists of the following modules:

1. Applicant Queue Management.
2. Appointment Management
3. Token Issuance
4. Fee Collection
5. Personal Data Entry and Validation
6. Children Registration Management
7. Photograph Capture
8. Signature Capture
9. Finger Print Capture
10. Citizen Detail Form Printing
11. Attesters Management Module
12. F.P. Identification Module
13. EOD Processing Module, which creates several statistical, and management reports
14. Intelligent data entry module

FTCR System Highlights

1. Complete automation of citizen data capture processes thus eliminating possibility
of data errors.
2. Ease of use
3. Completely parameter driven
4. No preferential treatment. Fair to all citizen irrespective of social or official status
5. Efficient Material management through Material Consumption Control System (MCCS)
6. Real time Management Information System
7. Automatic Language Translation Support for Names, Addresses and Mark of
8. Built-in intelligence at Data Entry
9. Digitized Finger Print at Source.

The system was first developed for National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and currently working successfully at more than 300 centers within and outside country.
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