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Testlin Based ID Card Production Control System (TebidCPCS)

TebidCPCS is Identification Card Production System integrates all production processes and provides complete solution for mass production of ID cards using Testlin. The whole system is driven through following ten well defined automated processes

1. Data Extract Process extracts required data from central Warehouse / Database.
2. Data Transfer Process prepares data for ID card printing.
3. Sheet Printing Process print ID cards on Testlin Sheets.
4. Lamination Process laminates the card with lamination material and hologram.
5. Die Cutting Process cuts the sheet into ID Cards.
6. Mailing Process paste cards on carrier, print addresses and put them in envelope.
7. Dispatch process handles envelop packing in boxes for delivery to the post offices.
8. End of The Day Process initiates the house keeping jobs and prepare daily MIS.
9. End of Batch process closes the batch and prepares MIS.
10.QC Process checks quality of the product at the end of each process and initiate re-
     printing of the rejected Sheet or Card.


1. Complete automation of processes for ID card mass production on Testlin.
2. Successful implementation at Fauji Foundation.
3. Software solution provided by MSCL, Hardware integration could be provided
    through Fauji Foundation
4. Complete support to QC processes.
5. Highly secured ID card.
6. Low cost, high quality and long life card.
7. Well-documented system specifications and operation manuals.
8. National Language support for all Uni-Code supported languages.
9. Developers' commitment
10.Complete audit trail to ensure fraud less production of ID Card.
11.Production control through Real-time Monitoring / Display System.

Efficient Material management through Material Consumption Control System (MCCS)

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