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Project Management

For projects, the process of development normally starts from a clear business need.  However, the exact requirement may be uncertain or unclear. Our Project Management Methodology clarifies these requirements and culminates

in a specific implemented system to meet them.  It does this by progressively reducing the options available at each checkpoint, thus crystallizing the specifications of the proposed system.  This reduces the level of risk, and enables more accurate cost estimates.

Our Project Management Methodology is a key aid to successful management of projects of all sizes.  It covers the development of a system from Project Initiation through to Implementation and Post Implementation Review, and all major enhancements to systems.

Project definition, risk assessment, project tracking, change management, problem and issue management, resource management are some of the key processes which are part of our project management methodology. Besides, our own we teach Project Management based on other renowned methodologies and tools.

1. PMCS™ Customization and Implementation Services.
2. Project Management Training Services.
3. Project Management Outsourcing Services.

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