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Successful implementation of our projects requires strong management capabilities and communications protocols that have been setup from the beginning.

MSCL has invested heavily in creating processes that facilitate total project management including reporting and communications to ensure success on the projects.

Phased approach to project deliverables

As defined in the methodology section, MSCL uses a structured and phased approach to software development.  At the onset of the project, the project plan is completed using planning software.  This work plan sets the project management guidelines from which to operate.

Detailed task oriented project plan per phase

A detailed   task oriented plan is developed so an accurate estimation can be made on the phased schedule.   Resources are responsible at the task level and work as a team to get the overall project completed.  In preparation for deliverables, intermediate milestones are set. The project team treats these milestones as deliverable from an internal reporting standard.  These milestones are also communicated to the client and the milestone “deliverable” may also be shared with the client. This ensures that the project continues on the right track.

Daily tracking of progress

Internally, projects are managed on a daily basis, with the development team meeting periodically to discuss issues and progress.  Meetings are also scheduled with members of the management team at least once a week so that the software engineers can gain from their experience and resolve any major issues. 

Daily issues tracking  and problems resolutions

As part of the daily progress tracking, issues are generated which are tracked and monitored for problems resolution.  Issues are also communicated to the client team on a periodic basis in order to get all interested parties working together to resolve the issue.  For each project, an issue and resolution log is maintained.

Client specific progress reporting (usually a week or on need basis)

Progress reports are sent to the client on a schedule determined with the client.  The progress report includes all tasks that had been completed, tasks that the development teams are currently working, all issues that have developed and resolutions of issues.  The progress reports are sent to the client via e-mail.  Status is also communicated to the client through other communication channels that have been set-up. 

Project Management Methodology

MSCL adopts PMCS™ for managing its clients’ projects. PMCS™ constitutes a comprehensive approach for system integration and application development. It provides a single and consistent methodology for project managers and practitioners. It formalizes the essential components of every project yielding the activities and tasks to plan, analyze, define, design, deliver and maintain business system components and the set of resultant work products.

This methodology provides a platform for managing successful projects and is constructed from the best components of other selected methodologies. It serves as a guideline for defining an engagement and provides a basis for the development of a project plan in support of an engagement.

Most importantly, the methodology provides guidance for technological modification (and corresponding changes) to achieve a complete and balanced solution.  It uses a deliverables-driven approach that incorporates elements of a risk assessment focused philosophy.

PMCS™ Methodology constitutes a body of knowledge developed from a large base of proven methodologies, which have been used successfully by project managers and practitioners for a number of years. PMCS™ methodology is actually composed of several components as indicated on its framework.

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