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Perahan (A Complete System for Garment & other Similar Industry)

A web based Perahan is the system for automating all process of Garment, Leather and other similar Industry.

Perahan efficiently controls the unique tasks confronting the garment industry. The tasks from taking of orders for multiple styles, colors, and sizes, through the co-ordination of all resources required for production, to the tracking of dye lots and pieces of fabric are systematically performed. This all begins with a matrix which accepts orders for a line based upon only those styles, colors, and sizes appropriate for this garment. Resource requirements are exploded from bill of material, with routing, which incorporates all available options. Integration of Order Entry and Production with all other Perahan applications is a feature of this system. Strong data retrieval capabilities and an integrated tool set add to the power of the application.

Perahan Modules:

Order Processing

The Perahan Order Processing module works with Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger to produce a fully automated order and quotation system. Order Processing provides online transaction processing and full audibility from initial entry of orders through to shipment and invoicing. 

Order Costing

The Project Costing module enables users to monitor revenues and expenses associated with jobs to make sure that they are profitable. Perahan Job Costing is fully integrated with Perahan Software Systems.  

Production Management

The Perahan Production Activity Control module works with Inventory Management and Bill of Materials to track manufacturing activity from the issue of work order through to completion, taking into consideration shop floor control, job costing and labour performance functions. This module gives direct input to Payroll System. 

Bill of Materials

The Perahan Bill of Materials and Routing module enables you to accurately determine what materials comprise your finished product, how they are built and what they cost. It helps you manage future engineering changes by scheduling each planned change by the date on which it becomes effective. Bill of Material and Routing works with Inventory management to fully specify the manufacturing process for finished goods and components. 

Continuous Flow Manufacturing

The Perahan Continuous Flow Manufacturing module works with Inventory Management to track the manufacturing activities from the issue of raw materials to completion. It encompasses shop floor control, job costing and work-in process inventory management functions.  

Inventory Management

The Perahan Inventory Management module is the heart of a fully automated system for manufacturing and material control.  

Sales Management System

The Perahan Sales Management System is comprised of Lead Tracking, Sales Analysis, and Distributed modules and is fully integrated with the system. Perahan was designed to organize lead tracking, prospecting and follow-up. Automatic event generation and mail merge ensures an air-tight sales cycle that will improve sales and productivity for centralized and distributed sales forces. 


The Perahan purchasing module works with “Inventory Management”, “Accounts Payable” and “General Ledger” to provide a fully automated “Purchasing and Receiving System”. Users can receive items with or without purchase orders and reconcile received items with invoices. It also closes receipts and updates inventory cost variances to the General Ledger. 

General Ledger

Perahan General Ledger module provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use combination of online transaction processing and excellent batch-oriented financial controls. Either integrated with other Perahan modules or as a stand-alone system, this system will create financial statements and other management reports for the company, divisions, products and other structures. It allows users to create their own financial statements without any programming experience. 

Accounts Payable

Perahan Accounts Payable automates the complete purchase ledger function, providing valuable management analysis and reports, including cash requirements, vendor performance analysis and purchase analysis. It can be used with the Perahan General Ledger and Purchasing modules. 

Accounts Receivable

Perahan Accounts Receivable automates the complete sales ledger function, monitoring customer and sales performance, improving collections and reducing write-offs. This module is a powerful, flexible and friendly system that enables more time to be spent managing and analysing your bottom line, and less time searching for information


Perahan Payroll is a fully functional stand-alone or integrated module designed to automate the payroll process for all types of business. The Perahan Payroll module automatically calculates payroll deductions. In addition, the system provides employees with year to date totals for all withholdings and earning categories. The tax calculation, overtime recording, leave recording other MIS ad related government reporting is also part of this module.


Perahan Bar-coding allows for more accurate data entry operations in critical areas such as inventory control for either manufacturing or wholesale distribution industries. Through our sophisticated Bar-coding system, manufacturing users can track and move materials from purchasing, through job costing, to shipping and distribution. Users can serialize manufacturing processes, using bar-coding to track the completion of all processes, also capturing data about start and stop times. This is an optional feature and will be made available on request.

 EDI-Electronic Data Interchange

The system has the capability to process data between your company's computer and with computers in any of your trading partners, using a standard EDI format. Data is exchanged in an error free, closed-loop process. For example, Perahan Purchase Orders can be sent to your vendor's order entry system without human intervention. The opposite is also true; you can receive orders automatically and much faster than by human data entry. More and more companies are indicating EDI as a prerequisite to doing business with them. Therefore, any computer solution being considered should not only be EDI compatible but EDI ready! Perahan is EDI ready.


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